Jeff Bonilla Wins BEST DIRECTOR for Chakra Love

Out of 500 entries Chakra Love won Best Director for a short comedy at the Best Actors Film Festival. Kudos to the Cast and Crew of Chakra Love and also to all the other winners and nominees.

Chakra Love

Leo is smitten with the new hire in his company, but the new hire, April, only follows the “love” advice from her psychic, Madam Lazora.  Faced with this problem, Leo bribes the Madam Lazora to tell April that he’s "the one."  April “sees” Leo (the double lion) in a new light, and they get to know each other.  Except she’s into him too much to the point where she's driving him crazy.

Whether its naive on Aprils part is not really the issue. In the end he realizes that the mess he is in, was all his own doing.  Maybe he wasn't such a good guy after all.  April also comes to the realization that she never did fall in love with Leo - To her, it was meant to be just like Madam Lazora said - so she missed out on the falling in love stage of the relationship.  Taylor Treadwell plays that emotion so well in the pivitol scene when it all falls apart.  You can just see it in her face as that realization hits her.

Chakra Love is a fun little film but underneath the light hearted comedy there is some depth.  Leo is a likeable character and although he is perceived as a good guy he ultimately wins his love by bribing someone that April trust, only to discover it wasn't the prize he was hoping for.

Director Statement

I have to say that although it was a comedy, all the actors were really invested in their characters and really gave dynamic performances.  Everyone cast and crew included really believed in the project and put forth their talent and time to make it happen and I am very grateful and enriched by their generosity.

I look back now and laugh at the insignificant incident that sparked the whole Chakra Love idea.  I was at the Psychic Eye Book Store buying a gift for someone when a neighbor of mine came in to get her tarot cards read.  I joked and said "you came here looking for love and here I am" knowing she had no interest in me whatsoever. (Another story) Then my buddy and co-writer Ray Mond said "Hey what if.... and the rest is all right there in Chakra Love.

Production Notes

"Life imitates Art"  Ironically, my life imitated art while working on Chakra Love.  In doing research for the project I went and had a session with a very gifted psychic who had a 99 percent accuracy rate with everything she predicted.  She told me in detail about an upcoming relationship I would be involved in and to my surprise it actually did happen.

I basically became the character of April going back and having more sessions with the psychic, which when I think about it now, is crazy but at the time was very serious.  So just like the character of April I was in a completely different emotional state of mind during the relationship which ultimately led to its demise.  It did however give me insight into the character of April which helped me when it came time to direct the actors.

Jeff Bonilla - Writer / Director